Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The Minotaur Contemplates Blinding Himself

Unseemly: The brainwashed trees' untimely green.
I stumble awake, dazed by their stony glitter
And stand at the window retching nectarine.

The hideous birds are roused and chatter
As I scream through the stained and tortured streets -
From windows, children point and titter.

Smoke, heavy-scented, climbs the windy cleats
From mounds of burning leaves - the mark of fall
At every door. Inside, something insidious beats.

I have leered through those rank rooms and small
Where shadows whisper and cut upon the bleeding
Sheets. I have seen all, heard all.

And raged upon the light descending.
And weaved my shroud of words unending.


Pragya said...

Said it before, this is an amazing piece of poetry! Loved every stanza!


Dan Husain said...

Words, imagery, ideas, pain and despair all interwoven with a deftness of a poet. Awesome work.