Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Of Love and Loyalty

The lifeless mass of flesh
On perfumed logs of wood
The face, but not lifeless
Express a lot it could!

An unfulfilled wish
Writ across her face
Made it glow
With sublime grace!

Her ‘better-half’ and ‘master-of-fate’
Stepped forward with an unsteady gait
In his hand, fluttered a lighted torch
In minutes, her mortal remains to scorch!

And just as the flames
Would lick the pyre
The wind howled
And ate up the fire!

The elements refused
To absorb her debris
The elements refused
To set her free!

For her soul was alive
Alive and afire
With unfulfilled desire
A desire too intense
To be quelled by the fire!

Her face in agony
Her soul in waiting
Her closed eyes
Searching the horizon!

Her lifeless flesh
Waiting for release
The silence
Pregnant with expectation!

And in the distance
With a heart as heavy as lead
Walking up was a being
Whom they called her ‘beloved’!

Hushed whispers floated through the crowd
But dared none
To voice aloud
And up walked he
With head held high and proud!

His lips kissed
Her cold forehead
He gently caressed her tresses
For him
She was not dead
He would keep her
Alive through the ages!

And at his touch
Her body quivered
And set itself ablaze
Her soul had eloped
With her beloved
And her husband
Gathered the ashes!

©1997 Praneeta Paradkar



Lovely, but frightening! And just, just plausible!

Pragya said...

Praneeta! What a story-teller you are! In verse! I loved it!


Praneeta Paradkar said...

Thank you two for the the appreciation. It means a lot to me.

Dan Husain said...

Yeah I agree with SB! It did send a chill through my spine Praneeta. Lovely work.