Thursday, November 24, 2005


Not disdain, but in quiet knowing, your orbit’s reach
swept beyond common eyes, beyond the limited lenses
of mere stargazers. The firmament was for lesser lights,
the vain ones content to sing the lesser senses:
for you were one with gods, your distant sights
set on divine tongues, a remote austere speech.

Not flourish nor conceit, but a cavalier insouciance
marked your passage through worlds, lives, and time;
mocked the grave’s seclusion, gravely making love
to shy mistresses, an ear cocked for wheels on grime.
And in jewelled strophes, an eternity glimpsed above
the running sun, above the dark empyrean’s effulgence.


Tuesday, November 15, 2005

i'm no icarus...

Glorious Icarus

i'm no icarus.
won't fly too close
nor seek all
that allures
or, warms from a distance...
for i know
(the acrid taste of charred dreams)
my hopes will torch
and dash to ground
from being so high
in the sky...

Thursday, November 10, 2005


Faint wisps,so gentle
stored away in
the deep recesses
of my mind.

Waiting to be
with warmth and

Like a picture story
where one scene
unfolds after
the other.

Of words and images,
a vast glorious
landscape captured
in its finest moments.

By my mind....

My mind,
so intricate,
subtle and

Yet so treacherous.