Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Scars - 1

That day, you dusted the bed,
Lifted the mattress
And found jagged pieces of my soul
In black and white.
But they were blood-stains
Of all those rusty blades I used
Just to feel alive.

Under the mattress
My soul slept,
It breathed in peace
Under cover,
Until you dusted the bloody bed
And gave it as much importance
As last week’s newspaper.

And like that paper,
You perused it for clues
To my silence,
Subjected it to public scrutiny
For a post-dinner discussion.

Take my body and partake of it
It is laid down for you
Drink, this is my blood,
Congealed and preserved
For you.

It is just black and white in your sight,
Not a living body, soul and mind
I hid under the bed
To prevent further attacks;
Not a vestige of what I was
And protected
To be what I am.



Welcome! And as the blurb writers say, you never disappoint! Very haunting writing.

Pragya said...

Welcome Nisha! Your words have had a stunning effect, as usual!

Alex said...

thanks a lot :-)

Jinx said...

I can't begin to tell you how beautiful this is. Have saved it in my all time favourite poems folder.