Sunday, September 11, 2005

Lets paints this world

Lets paint this world
to rival the songs
on the lips of that raindrop
or is it dancing
maybe a half twirl?

Lets paint this world
and turn the sky green.
An audience in your show
the sun, mixes blue to its yellow
when it blows hot and cold!

Lets paint this world
using lipstick brushes
even if its just the air
it connects you and me
and many-a-times is the space
you demanded vociferously!

Lets paints this world
I have to paint it today
I cannot, any longer contain
This smile, the irrepressible child!

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Asmita, a couple of things: the word should be "Let's" (with apostrophe, diminutive for 'let us'). Without the apostrophe it is a verb, as in "He lets her get away with it." Likewise too, the word "it's" (dim for 'it is') (third stanza, third line).

Second, the phrase is "many a time," not "many a times".

Some more work, maybe?