Friday, October 21, 2005

You and I

You and I
at times resurface from under water
where we choose to live
most moments.
Till we can hold our breath,
till the floating aqua and the marine
till thoughts bubble
and draw us
back to the surface
for a glimpse.
Where time breathes in air thin
and we have only as many moments
to gulp in the air,
keeping up the chin.

Where visions are far in between and few
so we just exchange pleasantries,
and maybe a word or two
that gingerly allude to the
tempests heaving within
and before the lungs threaten to expend
those breaths waiting in abeyance,
we dive on the double…
to resurface
only when those thoughts
yet again bubble…
Ones that hold within
a world of dewy dreams
that is blithely singular
amidst echoes of discordant regimes.


camera shy said...

i think the layout of this blog is fantastic. i really like this.

i havent had time to read too much yet, but the whole thing as an entity is wonderful. i feel like im in a library, with that nagging urge to ripple the silnce at least once with an enthusiastic huzzah!

Jinx said...

Jinx, you stole my name.

Enemy of the Republic said...

This is a good blog. I just read some of it tonight. And it's great to know that there is so much creative expression out there in Blogville--I admire you for putting your poetry out there. I get really intimidated--thoughts bubble and draw us--great line. Time breathes--really nice.