Thursday, January 05, 2006


Don’t play your game again today.

I thought
The warmth of tea
        Those unending cups
        Sipped in companionship,
The extended arms of acceptance,
And understanding smiles
        Creasing the faces of close friends,
Volleys of rapid-fire words
        Unceasing, to parade your depth;
Had soothed your attention seeking ways.

You must have been happy
        Having abdicated your throne.
You chose to disappear,
Leaving me the companions
        You despised vehemently
        And always fought with
        To gain my equivocal allegiance.

So why did you reappear?
Why do you singe the shimmering silk of happiness
      And make me fear again?

These games of yours
        Do I have to play 'em again?

1 comment:

Pragya said...


As noted elsewhere, this poem is very aptly titled and superbly crafted. Even its visual layout works well with the message.