Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Sorrow is a wilted rose
sepia-tinted and crumpled up prose,

Sorrow is cold winter rain
slithering down cracked window panes,

Sorrow is dilapidated barns
in forgotten little villages,

Sorrow is love discarded
walking down deserted lanes,

Sorrow is softly sharp
cutting through sinew and heart,

Sorrow walks the streets
and spills through old news-reels,

Sorrow drowns mundanely
in unknown and anonymous tales,

Sorrow flies on broken wings
journeying through lands unforgiving,

Sorrow is young and old
lost in wrinkled yesterdays and yearning tomorrows,

Sorrow is not knowing
what you had today,

Until you've lost it forever
never to have it come back,


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Vira said...

Excellent...! :)