Tuesday, August 15, 2006

An ode to Qana

Further than proximate fires
and natal storms
We bury innumerable open hands
into the pollen smell of

Into the womb of this cold earth.
Hands that no longer seek warmth.
Shut in.

The invisible shadow of missiles lurk
Hungry. Arrogant, cascading on thickets
and thorns.
And a hush falls on yellow eyes,
quiet bodies.

Leaves wilt into shadows of green.
No winds resurrect them. Neither water.
The Sun does not sing in them
the galvanic rhythm of seasons.

The black hands of death break
into secret sounds
of a simoom.
And our mouth lies caged in
hypnotic threads
In our ashen breast
whispered into untamed disregard
to the earth and the sky.


Cocaine Jesus said...

another excellent poet on this extraordinary team site.
really enjoyed this.

Anonymous said...

Well versed homage.'the galvanic rhythm of seasons' was sheer genius.