Sunday, September 09, 2007


And then there is death. Always.
Some of you have contemplated
It, in the active or the abstract.
On some the fear of it preys
Like a worm, unstated.
The flutter of the final act.

Unnecessary really, its terror
Made more of than it deserves:
The dark needs but light
To expose the error
Which ignorance serves –
Dawn to the louring dread of night.

One could be pragmatic about it:
See perhaps in its inner
Vacuity the blown up myth,
And with cold reason rout it.
As routine a chore as dinner:
Something to be got over with.



iamnasra said...

Very useful lesson ...loved the way its written thanks

Ritwik Banerjee said...

"As routine a chore as dinner" indeed. But who has ever had the courage to accept it? We all have these thoughts in the realm of theoretical and philosophical diatribes only.