Thursday, July 21, 2005


It’ll soon be a year since your slaughter.
A year since you dined and feasted
on my hacked and gouged flesh: my mind’s walls
bear witness to that carnage when you tasted
blood, and your demented madrigals
of lust turned my soul to water.

Even now it intrigues me how finely
you took to killing: how blind I must have been
to miss the light in those devil’s pools
of your eyes…though, even if I’d seen,
what good would it have served a fool’s
purpose? You’d have killed just as unkindly.

Well, I’ve put myself together, you know.
Not quite what one was – can’t expect that,
can we? You were thorough, and hate
corrodes and preys on love’s larded fat -
but yes, a whole of sorts again, oblate
though scared of falls. I sit low.



Uma K said...

Bravo, my friend! Both for the recovery and its description. "...and hate
corrodes and preys on love’s larded fat" - how true, yet not quite...the larded fat somehow manages to regenerate itself..

kuffir said...

it's been an year, is it?
i can still feel it
swim and turn in my stomach's pit.
my innards turned all blue
how could i see?
ask my loo..
it's like i came down with the flu.
did i eat you?
more like you cut me in two.