Friday, July 22, 2005

Silent symphony

Dancing laughter
pirouettes to silent music
drums of the yellow orb
and shimmering strains
drizzled by moonlight violin
rhythms of the tides too,
never missed half a beat.

The dancer was led
to the floor of grass and spunky weeds
children and flowers rivaling each other
who will spin more dreams
silently stood they, the magnificent
deserts, oceans and night-sky
reminding the one who waltzes
the ecstasy in stillness around him



thinkpad said...

it was like the 1st breath of fresh air thAt a new born intakes, making the babe one with the world,one with the surroundings,tied in a mesh of relationships! ur poem was the attempt to brek free from the shackles and run away into the wilderness with only ur soul for company...

Pragya said...

Loved this poem Asmita!