Sunday, July 16, 2006

Monsoon Vignette     [ekphrasis]

How tenuous toys the world they say
like a dewdrop poised on a lotus leaf
a shimering noise in its quavering way
                  and all so brief

How wondrous blooms the world meseems
like a castle festooning the vacant air
it's spun from looms of lunacy's dreams
                  where foul or fair

Dumbfounding arrives the world indeed
like a field mouse dry on a puddled frog
astoundingly aye it upholds frail need
                  with rain agog

1 comment:

GEL said...

Very nice flow, rhythm,connections to nature and deeper societal meaning...
Your words caress each other in liquid lushness.
I've read this aloud several times for its beautiful sound.
On a personal note, I think you live near me!! Small world.