Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Of storms and related things

Each day winds blow,
cocoa dark
from north to south
east to west
and wherever they go
They bring the
youth of flowers
to some
and fable of death
and wars
to strangers.
Aged winds from hushed wildflowers
frenzied and burnt.
Long lived.
Some from the sea, moist,

Each day a night grows,
unkempt and wistful
on the tender mesh of swansong laziness.
feeding on the echoing madness
that is left behind.
The moon only rises to mold it.

Each day we falter
to speak
of hopeless causes
and long lost reasons
but the world still spins
through some cannibal spell
that makes not a pause.

And each a day distance grows
From the fallen leaf
to the absent ear.
And we do not hear
the sepulchral skies
that the tree sings.

Each day a fire dies,
behind the wooden heart of logs
and barks
ashes to ashes.
Flesh, blood and bone,
And another ignited.


panu said...

I would have made trivial comments... but they seem so superfluous at the presence of this poem... all my mouth seems to form is the word --divine--

Vivified Visage said...


Abhra said...

Thank you Panu and Transit for reading and commenting. Keep writing!!