Thursday, March 24, 2005

The Cave-in...

The Cave-in: I

He was coming home after long.
In his heart
Floated lovely strains
Of their tender,
Very own love-song.
He skipped and hopped
And reached his 7th floor.
Fished out the key quick
To open the door.
And, there she was
On their bed.
Blazing beautiful in her charms
Peacefully propped –
In his best friend’s arms.

The Cave-in: II

The footsteps woke her up.
She looked up at him -
Into his eyes.
He looked back
Absolutely blank.
No anguish, no cries.
Moments hung
Silence lay suspended.
She looked up to him
And then her beau.
He took in her look
And, turned away -
Leaving behind the stillness
To quietly bid adieu.


Dan Husain said...

Everytime I try to post a comment on this poem my internet connection 'caves in'. :-) The poem has a shock value to it. A complete element of surprise in the end. I love the fact that it is by a female poet about a defaulting female spouse. No feminist assertion of modern-day woman and her newfound freedom, no stereotypical portrayal of a bored spouse, no stereotypical male rebuke - just simple portrayal of characters as they are - humans. Great work Blue!

Pragya said...

Yes Preeti, great work indeed!