Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Being nothing
emptiness personified
yet I am there
can you feel the space inside

It's growing and growing
the nothingness expands
the moon, the stars, all within me
as I explode inside whom I reside

Can you feel me
my being around you
the space, the nothingness is me

Tell me
do you even know
that I am within you!


Pragya said...

Wow! Anjali, this was fantastic! To my mind, such a fine depiction of a feeling of oneness with the universe!


Pincushion said...

Thank you Pragya! I am glad you liked it :)
Yes, it was indeed an attempt to define my own personal God, the formless God...as you said..the Universe.

Praneeta Paradkar said...

Loved the metaphysical flavor of this piece...

"As I explode inside whom I reside" emphasizes the osmotic necessity of the human existence...constantly interfacing and enriching and spilling over.

Liked it!!