Friday, April 29, 2005

Endings - II

It’s strange how the most powerful of endings are the ones which are not endings at all but long roads with no destinations; poignantly solitary endings which are conversations only nobody to converse with; endings which in themselves are like poetry in the making only nobody to see it being made.

The finality of an ending is a relief, one shuts the book, one forgets the story, one gets on with the business of living (whether alive or not!) but the story that worms itself inside the very fabric of one's being is the story weaving its way endlessly through meandering life, where one hopes that there IS an end almost like a dark destination only that the hope never quite fructifies...

It's that end with the possibility that it will be a beginning...but one never quite knows....

Do we really have an end or do we go on endlessly....??!!

I prefer to think that we do.



Finely articulated!

Dan Husain said...

What gnaws in the end is what remains longer! So, I guess, the endings that are not quite endings but have looped within them seamless opporutinities of new beginnings are the one that appeal more to us.

John said...

If i=1 do _;
Elseif i=2 do _;
Elseif i=3 do_;

This is from the hazy recollection of computer programs that I wrote long ago.

Likewise in life, the "ifs" and "elseifs" go on and on till it comes to an "endif" and a RETURN.