Tuesday, April 05, 2005


“I love you.” Pawn to king three
mobilises your infantry.

Black regards, fields a knight,
an early move to protect his right.

Queen to king’s rook four
takes the battle to his door,

sends his knight running
in this contest of cunning.

And while he looks,
you open your rooks,

your sleek bishops
insurance against mishaps.

Daunted, black responds
with a few desultory pawns –

till endgame stares him in the face
to tell him he’s lost the race.

White to play and mate in two:
cold eye and hand move “I hate you.”



Pragya said...

I have said it elsewhere, this is one of my favorite poems!


Jinx said...

And presenting James Joyce, master wordsmith!

_Soulless_ said...

oh my, this is such a refreshing piece of art. i am a chess fanatic, hence the sequence of images in my mind is deliriously entertaining. ^_^

Fist said...

You're a chess fanatic, soulless? did you not just think, "what gambit includes e3"? I mean, maybe some kinda reverse From in the Bird, after Anderssen's 1.a3 or something, but really.

Pincushion said...

the 'three words' say it all!
A master stroke!