Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Lost Innocence

Also inspired by Dan's poem - Bazaar

Shame replaces innocence
as we build another fence,
to hide from prying eyes
and keep alive the lies,
that hold us trapped within,
a glacial cage a la Merlin.

Sentient and painfully aware,
immobile, powerless, we stare,
through icy walls of our own
creation, forlorn and alone,
waiting for that balmy breeze
to melt away the deep freeze

or perhaps a shattering blast,
that sets us free at long last,
broken and splintered, but free,
to start over, to wait and see,
the longevity of innocence
regained, the onset of pretense,

a manifestation of original sin,
to keep us from scoring a win,
over any ingredient of shame,
in a never-ending human game,
of building walls and fences,
and hiding, behind fortified defences.


Pincushion said...

'of building walls and fences,
and hiding, behind fortified defences.'

What an honest to god representation of modern life and humanity. You've hit home with the depiction of the sham and shame and the beautiful facades visible behind which lie ugly untruthful beds!

Ferociously fab writing!

Dan Husain said...

The closing stanza is a befitting narrative on one of our most primal instincts. Excellent Pragya!