Saturday, April 23, 2005


To heal I need you
to feel you
to touch you
in your rawness
as you tear me apart
till the tears flow....

Your beauty lies in
that you remain hidden
behind all the layers
so that no one else can
have a glimpse of you but me...

But only when
I can venture in there
into that empty space that you occupy
where I can savor your feel
your fullness
and absorb you
release you bit by bit
day after day....

You aren’t my friend
nor are you my enemy
just my teacher
teaching me lessons
through challenges
that I have ignored so far...

I go to bed each night
feeling I have conquered you
just that bit
that little bit
and just when I get a glimpse of the light ahead..

I also see the shadows..


Pragya said...

Jyo! Extremely heart-wrenching! Beautiful!

Dan Husain said...

Oh Jyo! The closing lines took my breath away...Where have you been hiding all this time? :-)

John said...


Awesome. Great to read you here!