Friday, April 22, 2005

The Trivia of A Brooding Mind - The Complete Series

The Trivia…

Perched on a mountain top
With icy winds
Against brazen cheeks
And a writhing river
Amidst mottled green
Life perhaps is a spectacle
And a handful of perspectives
That we bequeath
Our hearts’ each twist.

The Brooding…

In the middle of
A dreary afternoon
I woke with a start.
My throat dry
Bruised with a thousand sighs
With voices within
Like a million cries –
Enough! I plug my ears
I wish to hear
Your euphonious voice
Before I slide into sleep again.

Falling Apart…

Lost somewhere
In our efforts
To carve
Our separate worlds
Is perhaps
That nascent feeling
We lovingly nurtured
To drape
Our days with.

A Spanner in The Works…

It was just a face
No more than a pattern
An entity in space
Of many seen in a tavern
That waits its end
At the corner of a shabby street -
Morose, moribund -
Epitomizing mediocrity's defeat.
And though it reflected much,
It said nothing.
An average man's fate is such;
It's sealed before the morn begins.

A Scene at A Café…

I place my hands on yours.
You quietly withdraw: unsure.
Our silence engulfs
A million wishes unsaid.
I wish to say
But you place your fingers
On my pouting lips –
“Don’t ask!
I have no answers.”
But when did I seek an answer,
I only pose the question –

What is life
If not
A glimmer of love
In your gaping eyes?

© Dan Husain
April 22, 2005


Pragya said...

One of your finest works Dan! Extremely heartfelt and thought-provoking with its several layers of thoughts and emotions brilliantly interwoven in a fine tapestry!

Keep it up!


Jyotsna said...

I loved the imagery here..each part of the series has a striking element in it.."my throat dry bruised with a thousand sighs with voices..."..Dan-it is simply beautiful.

Pincushion said...

'An average man's fate is such;
It's sealed before the morn begins.'

Beautiful graceful writing delicately flowing seamlessly from one idea to another...

But the line that did it for me was the one above. YOu've captured the 'common man's' pathos as surely as R.K. Laxman ever did in his immortal common man cartoons, succint and deep.

kuffir said...

what is light
if not
lines that shine
in this vein?